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The New Face
of Historic Ostrava
Nové Lauby is being developed as a project that will offer a place to live, which will not only add to the city’s urban housing stock, but will help revive the center of Ostrava. The complex is the result of the creative and utilitarian symbiosis of the BBB Nové Lauby Association, the znamení čtyř – architekti studio, and the city. Once complete, the clever layout of the individual units, the pleasant common areas, and ample parking spaces will be part of an architecturally unique building that will blend in with the urban city blocks in the center of Ostrava and contribute to its cultivation and development.
A Word From the Architect
Ing. arch. Richard Sidej
Znamení čtyř – architekti
“For an empty lot situated in the historic center of Ostrava, together with Martin Tycar, Juraj Matula, and Kristýna Vyslychová, we designed a typological five-wing building with a central courtyard. It’s a traditional city center type of building that reflects the dimensional, urban, and typological context of the site in which it’s being built. The silhouette is urban in form, designed to ensure that the cornice isn’t in a single line when viewed from the street. The external envelope of the entire complex contextually refers to the surrounding area, while the courtyard will be a world unto itself. We therefore worked with several “stories” at once in terms of the facade: four street-facing facades that blend in with the neighboring buildings and vary in different ways, a fifth facade facing the courtyard, and a sixth that is a green roof.”
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